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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Storms That Hit South Resemble Hurricane On Radar -Derecho?

January 22, 2017 -A land hurricane or severe storm that hits over land is called a Derecho. Although the official description given to the storms that hit the south today was not a Derecho, one couldn't help but notice how much the radar looked like a swirling hurricane, even with a noticeable "eye" in place.

When you set the video to play the progression of the storm, the entire system visibly swirls like a hurricane. A Derecho usually forms at night which makes these storms even more dangerous because people are unaware and possibly sleeping.

These storms can contain very powerful and damaging straight line winds and generally are at least 240 miles in width. Additionally, they can produce winds up to 100 miles per hour. They can also contain damaging hail and tornadoes.

The worst of the storms that hit Southern Mississippi and Georgia in the earlier parts of today contained many Tornadoes and caused a great deal of damage to property and life. However, Tornado warnings were issued in Central Florida and up the Carolinas as the evening progressed. As of the last report, 18 people had lost their lives in these devastating storms that tore through mobile home parks and even brick home residential areas.

The "eye" of this theorized Derecho passed over Estill Springs, Tennessee at around 8:30 pm this evening. Mostly what local residents experienced was some flooding along Highway 41A and some high winds. Thankfully, no further damage was reported here locally. The forecast for this storm is for it to progress further out into the ocean and up the coast to bring some snow and ice to the Northeastern states.

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