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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Coloring Your World, Inside And Out

We were created with the ability to see a wide array of colors. What would our world be like without color? It would be boring and drab to say the least. But splashes of color here and there excite and uplift our spirits. It has been discovered that color has the power to change our moods. It can motivate us to get up and get to work or soothe and relax us enough to go to sleep. 

Speaking of growth, is our outside world like the landscape around our home just as important as our inside world? Millions of people find great enjoyment and satisfaction from decorating and re-decorating our homes on a regular basis. We change the colors in each room to keep up with the ever-changing trends in fashion on a regular basis.

We change the colors of our clothing, our makeup and sometimes even our hair. It has been stated that the color arrangement of food on our plate determines whether or not our food is considered appetizing. What about our landscaping? Does the idea of changing colors in our landscaping interest and intrigue you?

Initially, that may sound like a tremendous amount of work. How can you change the colors of your landscaping without overhauling your entire yard on a regular basis? It might be easier than you think, by utilizing the concept of pre-planning. The Arbor Foundation’s website includes some great suggestions on the page entitled Landscaping with Trees and Shrubs. In the post titled Shrubs Under Shade Tree Designs, there is some information about planting different types of shrubs to achieve this goal.

That post suggests planting Forsythias, Azaleas and Hydrangeas under the shade trees in your yard. When spring comes each year, you will delight at the rich yellow blossoms of the Forsythia shrubs. Later in the spring, bright pink blossoms from Azaleas will be eye candy for viewers as they pass. Then in the summer, lovely blue, lavender and white blossoms will engage viewers from the Hydrangeas.

However, there are several different choices with regard to scheduling color changes in your landscaping. The Mountain Laurel or Spoonwood shrub has a bright red blossom in early June and keeps its green leaves all year, making it an attractive piece for your winter landscaping. Additionally, the tall variety of the Blue Speedwell bush also makes a lovely and sweet smelling addition to the landscape under your shade trees.

And who doesn’t love the purple or white Lilac bush? Alternatively, there are the intense violet or red colors of the Crepe Myrtle or vibrant reds in the Burning Bush. Simply pick out your favorite colors and get creative planting these bushes and shrubs around the base of the shade trees in your yard. And to further your color changing project, get creative with the shade trees that you plant.

Because depending on the trees you plant, fall will bring an entirely new host of colors. Here are some great ideas for coloring your landscape in the fall by your choice of trees: Bright red Maples and orange Sugar Maples or yellow Tulip Poplars are just a few of the many possibilities. The Black Gum tree also turns a vibrant dark orange in the fall. There’s a shade tree to match your favorite color.

As individuals, we don’t stay the same. We are constantly changing, constantly growing, constantly improving. So, when we design the landscape around our homes with an ever-changing display of beauty and color, it makes a statement that is unmistakably personal. We want the world to pass our homes and gardens and see the beautiful, progressive environment that we have surrounded ourselves with and say, “Wow! The people who live there must be very modern, creative and inspiring!” 

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