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Monday, October 17, 2016

Teeccino - Amazing Herbal Alternative To Coffee

I have always loved the smell of coffee, especially first thing in the morning. The taste of coffee is as inviting and engaging as the smell for me. When flavors such as hazelnut, french vanilla and amaretto became available for coffee, my agony only increased.

Why? Because I am allergic to coffee. At least I am extremely sensitive to coffee. It wasn't the caffeine, it was the coffee itself. As far as the difference between an allergy and a sensitivity, here is the explanation from

"An allergy is a reaction that triggers the release of antibodies that results in immediate symptom onset. A true food allergy causes an immune response that can affect multiple organs and in some cases, be severe or even life threatening. Food sensitivity symptoms are delayed and are typically limited to digestive problems, but they can lead to chronic inflammatory health issues."

Several years back I had a food sensitivity test done (it was called an ALCAT test) and it was found that I had extreme sensitivities to seven foods. These are brussels sprouts, bananas, cauliflower, soybeans, peanuts, mushrooms and coffee. So for me, I usually get a migraine, a rash or some digestive distress when I eat these foods.

About a year or so after I learned about my sensitivity, I was introduced to Teeccino. It's an herbal "coffee" made with certified organic ground barley, carob pods and chicory root. Those are the main three ingredients. Other ingredients are added to bring about different flavors like dates, figs, almonds and ramon seeds. Flavors include hazelnut, almond amaretto, vanilla, mocha, chocolate mint, pumpkin spice, chocolate raspberry, caramel nut, southern pecan and the list goes on.

This "coffee" is completely and naturally caffeine free. I started drinking Teeccino to satisfy my craving for a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning, but I had no idea that this amazing drink also had many health benefits. Not only does it taste very much like coffee, it is good for you. (I have served it to guests as coffee and they could not tell the difference until I told them what it was.)

Teeccino is non-acidic and naturally contains the prebiotic inulin which is good for digestion. Since it is rich in potassium and fiber, that makes it wonderful for your heart. So, you receive a natural energy boost from nutrients rather than the stimulant type of boost you receive from caffeine that later results in a crash. In addition, many of its fruits and nuts contain powerful antioxidants and it is always gluten free.

So, I can enjoy drinking Teeccino all day long if I want to with no worries about my food sensitivity or caffeine side effects.

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