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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Would Your Business Benefit From A Small Business Loan?

In today's economy, it's tough to stay in business, especially at certain times of year. Some businesses are seasonally very profitable and then, at other times seasonably starving.

Take for instance, the typical lawn care maintenance business. Everybody wants their lawn cared for in the spring, summer and fall.

But when winter hits, most of these guys get laid off and have to look for other types of jobs until spring. Then when spring hits, these businesses might need some new equipment to be able to service their return of clients but their cash flow is now too low to provide for them.

Here's more examples. Businesses that sell fireplace inserts or firewood have a tough time during the summer. Greenery's that sell flowers, trees and other plants don't do well in the winter. One business in Arkansas sells fireplace inserts in the winter and plants and greenery in the summer to survive all year. Construction companies in certain northern parts of the country struggle during very harsh winters.

Restaurants and novelty shops in tourist towns starve for business during winter months and some others starve in the summer if it's a tourist stop for skiers or other winter fun seekers. But you get the idea. Getting your business to survive in this economy is tough enough even without the seasonal factor. But add the slow times of year along with the economy and you've got trouble.

It might just be that a business needs some extra capital to progress further, say... for advertising or for a new LED sign and all of their extra cash is tied up with expenses. Business owners may feel stifled and unable to grow without a little help from a small business loan. Think of what an extra $10,000 to $50,000 would do for the growth of your business.

Because of this, some banks have found an opportunity to make reasonable profits from this situation. They are offering business loans for short periods of time, maybe a year or two to help these businesses out. The interest rates may likely be a little higher than with a traditional loan because these banks don't ask for collateral and may even allow business owners to apply who have less than perfect credit.

Most of these banks have a basic criteria of being in business for at least six months and having a monthly business income of at least $4500 in order to qualify. But these requirements are a lot less strict than most other traditional bank loan offers and leasing companies who ask for a 5-year business life and a very high credit score and some hefty collateral as well.

One such company that offers these types of business loans is Opportune Financial based out of Tampa, Florida. They have hooked up with several banks across the country that offer small to even larger business loans to businesses who are struggling with cash flow as they try to grow their business. If you or someone you know has owned a business for at least six months and can show monthly deposits of at least $4500 during this time, you or they may likely qualify for some cash.

The minimum to borrow is $10,000 and it can go all the way up to $100,000 or more if needed depending upon your business income range. You can qualify even if you have poor credit. It's a simple one page application and a loan specialist will be happy to see if their company can help your business out.

Check out this website and then shoot me an email at and I'll connect you with a loan specialist who will give you a call the same day. Be sure to mention your name, your business' name and phone number in the email. Or you can contact a loan specialist through the above mentioned website on the "Contact Us" page. Be sure you mention in your message that you saw it here first on "The Research Nerd".

Then, when your money comes in, you can breathe a sigh of relief and... try not to spend it all in one place.

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