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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Humility - Considering Others Superior To You

Humility is one of the hardest qualities to cultivate. Many struggle to obtain this quality. It's not just about being proud and arrogant. Sometimes it begins with low self-esteem. 

We sometimes have the tendency to be very hard on ourselves. We work very hard to accomplish good things in our personalities. We watch ourselves and reprimand ourselves when we fail. We strive to do better and then fail again.

Then, when we finally do reach a personal goal at attaining some particular quality, then we may become so proud of ourselves for reaching that goal that we are now really hard on others for not being where we think they should be in their personal goals. 

What we are forgetting is that others are likely working just as hard to become better people as we are and we should be encouraging them instead of judging them. It's like two friends struggling with all their might to reach the top of a mountain. 

But when the first friend gets close to the top, he turns and gives a hard push to the other friend so that he falls down to a lower ledge. But in doing so, the first person is now no longer a friend but has also lost his own footing and begins to fall.

How much better it would be when nearing the top, to reach out and extend a hand to our friend and help him reach the top before us. Then, our footing would be more stable and it's likely that our friend would then extend his hand to us and help us easily step up onto the peak.

Humility lets us extend our hand to others to encourage them, believing that they deserve to reach their goals before us because they are superior to us. This removes the focus off of ourselves and our achievements and onto others and their needs.

What a wonderful world this would be if everyone worked at possessing the beautiful quality of humility. That is, after all, the way we originally were designed. -Genesis 1:27

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