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Monday, January 5, 2015

Start An E-commerce Website

Remember back when you were a teenager and you loved to hang out with your friends at that favorite swimming hole? Remember how your friends used to dare you to jump off that ledge into the cool, refreshing water below? 

But you were a little bit scared. You weren’t sure what would happen. Maybe there might be some rocks below the surface that you couldn’t see. You were afraid that you might get hurt. 

But then your friends checked the water below and assured you that it was safe. Knowledge is power. And these were friends that you had grown up with and you trusted them. But it’s still a little scary. You might have wondered if you were as good a swimmer as you wanted to believe you were. Would this jump be a success? But finally you mustered up the courage to jump and …wow! What a wonderful splash you made. That was fun. It was a success.

Starting an eCommerce business website will be somewhat similar to that experience. It might be a little bit scary if you don’t know what to expect. You might wonder if there are hidden “rocks” under the surface that might hurt your business. For example, you might worry that your present customers won’t want to change the way they do business with you. They might feel intimated by your eCommerce website and stop buying from you.

Is this a realistic concern? Why does your present customer base have to make any changes? Wouldn’t you still be willing to offer them the same services as before? Even if a small percentage of your customers did feel uncomfortable with your growth to an eCommerce website and stopped buying from you, would you not make up for them tenfold now that your marketing reach is…everywhere.

Another concern for starting an eCommerce website is whether or not you can “swim” as well as you thought you could. You might fear that not knowing very much or any html would cripple your ability to build a professional looking and financially successful eCommerce website. But with sites like or, you don’t have to know any html to have a beautiful eCommerce website.

These sites offer the ability to easily build pages, load graphics and content so that your business is presented in a professional way to reach customers around the world. They offer website stores with shopping carts and checkouts that accept major credit cards and PayPal so your money comes directly and instantly to your account. Most of these websites like let you offer your customers coupons, special discounts and gift certificates.

An added benefit of using an eCommerce business website is that of receiving the customer’s information when they make a purchase. This allows you to maintain a customer database to follow up with and encourage repeat business. But can you compete with the already present, larger online retailers? This is considered a benefit and a risk at the same time because now your business is right up there beside them. But you can offer competitive pricing or niche products that they may not. This will contribute to your success.

So even though the thought of starting an eCommerce website business can be pretty scary, there is plenty of help out there if you use sites like to get your business off the “ledge” and into the “water”. So jump in. The water’s great.

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