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Monday, December 15, 2014

Valrico Residents Shaken By Loud Boom Last Week - Source Unknown

On December 7, 2014 at a little after 9:30 pm, a mysterious boom was reported by Valrico, Florida residents near the intersection of Hwy 60 and St. Cloud, just north of the highway.

Some residents in the Cypress Mobile Home Park near Spruce Lane and St. Cloud Street reported hearing a very large boom or the sound of an explosion at that time. 911 calls were made and local fire trucks, police and helicopters were on the scene for nearly two hours trying to determine the source of the "explosion".

One woman who wishes to remain anonymous and who lives on Cypress Lane described the boom as very strong and shaking her family's trailer and rattling the windows for about 10 seconds or so. She says she went outside to investigate and noticed the fire trucks and police scouring the area for the source of the boom sound. She also reports that helicopters could be heard overhead for quite awhile following the boom.

One area resident man talked with fire and police officials who explained to him that they did not know where the boom sound came from and could not locate any source of fire. Residents reported smelling an unusual scent of what smelled like burnt chemicals, but saw no fires. All was quiet the next day and no further indications of fire or explosions were felt from the police or fire departments.

The next day, Facebook customers posted questions on ABC Action News' page requesting information on the loud boom that they had heard the night before. But the response from the news station was that they had received no information from the fire or police departments regarding any explosions. Other postings that followed reported speculations about a meth lab explosion in a trailer park on Mulrennan Street. No one seems to know exactly what the source of the boom was.

Earlier this year, similar loud booms were reported in New York, Kansas, Virginia, New Jersey, Louisiana and as far away as the UK. Some speculate that these booms might be connected to Sonic Booms that happen when super fast aircraft pass overhead and break the sound barrier causing a shock wave or boom. Others have claimed that these loud explosions might actually be the earth's crust shifting, especially since the case in New York was followed two hours later by a small earthquake.

Sinkholes in Florida are common and a large one opened up a few weeks ago about 49 miles from Valrico in Holiday in Pasco County. That sinkhole measured about 20 square feet and swallowed a car in a matter of minutes. The earth beneath our feet does seem to be a bit unstable here in Florida, but do these "shiftings" give off loud booms that can be felt and heard above ground? Some have reported such, but as to whether these are coincidental or not, time will have to tell.

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