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Monday, December 1, 2014

What Is The Most Popular Book In The World? You Might Be Surprised -The Bible

Books have been around for centuries. Apparently, humans have the desire to write things down, whether it be made-up stories, actual history or simply a recipe or two. Educational and instructional books have been written to help make us smarter. Romance and love stories are published to inspire our hearts. True stories have been recorded to teach us life lessons. Science fiction books are written to help us dream and then become inventors.

Some books are more popular than others. What's popular among readers changes over the years as times change. The most popular books are determined by the number of books published and distributed. Some books have been published in the millions and others only a few hundred. What might surprise you is that the book with the highest number in publishing and distribution is a book that is not immediately thought of as popular. That book is the bible.

The bible began to be written nearly 6000 years ago. It has been considered the best selling book of all time. Is there still interest in the bible today? According to Google Trends, an application that measures the most searched for subjects on the internet, the bible has topped the list for books that are searched for online for 130 months in a row at the time of the writing of this article. So for the past 10+ years, the bible has been the most searched for book online.

According to this same application, the folks in Mississippi search for information about the bible more than any other state in the US. If you were to analyze the days of the week where the most interest in searching about the bible happen to be, you would find that searching online for bible info peaks on Sundays and drops on Fridays. This is not surprising since most folks consider Sunday to be a day for attending the church of their choice and reflecting on God's Word if they are religious.

A recent Gallup poll showed that 92% of the US adult population still believes in God. That same poll service revealed that only about 40% of Americans still attend church on a regular basis. According to a recent survey, 80% said that they own a bible and believe it to be sacred. 61% of those surveyed expressed that they wish they read the bible more often than they actually did. Many people have expressed that they would read it more often if they understood it better.

So, what is the bible about? The bible is a history book. It explains the beginning of the universe and the beginning of mankind. The bible is also a sacred book that explains what man's original relationship with God was and why that changed. It also explains how God has planned to restore that relationship with mankind and clear his own name of the lies that have been told about him. In addition, the bible foretells the future of this earth and everything living on it.

If you wanted to read the bible, you could read a few chapters a day. The bible has about 800,000 words in it. It has been estimated that if you read only about 12 minutes a day in the bible, you could read through it in one year. If you read for about 20 minutes a day, you could finish it in about 6 months and so on. It has also been estimated that if you sat down and started reading steadily (without stopping) at a rate of about 250 words per minute, it would take about 2-3 days to finish it.

Here's a good place to start if you would like to read the bible online...

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