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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Successful Finance Thesis: Writing a Finance Thesis that’s Worth its Weight in Gold

Handling people’s money is pretty serious business. Most people are hesitant about trusting anyone with their financial business if they don’t appear to be qualified. In addition, state and federal agencies often regulate and require individuals to have at least some type of degree in finance along with additional licensing in order to be considered for a position where the handling of people’s personal finances are involved.  

For example, jobs in the fields of corporate finance, money management, financial planning and financial analysis along with jobs in the field of insurance all require degrees in finance. And, in order to achieve a degree in finance, it is a requirement that a finance thesis be completed. In fact, it surmises a major portion of the grade for the entire subject.

The basic purpose of presenting a valuable finance thesis is the idea that the student is addressing and possibly solving a problem in finance that has not been addressed or fixed prior to this point in financial history. When you consider the impact of these statements, you can see how important that writing a good finance thesis will be to your future success in the finance world.   

It’s important to be specific when choosing a topic for your finance thesis. Just like there are many types of history thesis, like religious history and art history; there are also many categories of finance. Choose a topic that is likely to have a significant impact on the way others have previously viewed financial systems.  

The present situation in the world economy puts a great deal of stress on financial experts to come up with solutions that are practical, feasible and enlightening. With this thought in mind, it should not be hard to find finance topics that are of great interest to readers when constructing a finance thesis. For help with writing a finance thesis, a great deal of research will be involved to discover the history of finance with the many problems that the finance world has seen. 

Proposing a solution will be the biggest challenge, but at the same time, that will be of the greatest interest to the professor that will examine your thesis and distribute the grade for it. The overall content of a good finance thesis will include the following items: a cover page, a table of contents or a thesis outline, an introduction, methodology pages, your data and analysis descriptions, the results of this discussion, a conclusion and a bibliography page.

In addition, a good thesis statement will be required. This is basically one sentence that describes the overall content of the finance thesis. Although there are similarities, writing a good finance thesis is different from writing an MBA thesis. The MBA thesis covers all business topics including finance, whereas, the finance thesis targets specifically financial subjects. 

It’s also important that the theories presented in the finance thesis be practical and applicable, basically, that they will work in the real world. Unlike a dissertation that can survive on nothing but theory, a thesis must prove its worth. It must be worth its weight in gold.

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