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Sunday, September 14, 2014

What's For Supper? Menu Plans & Meal Ideas

How many times have you cringed when you heard that question? Maybe at that moment, a short list of entrees that you continually rotate throughout the week or month crosses your mind while creativity screams at you for something original, something delicious, even more important something easy to make. Night after night, week after week, month after month, year after year, the people you cook for demand that you prepare something good, yet different like it can roll off your fingertips with ease.

You search endlessly through cookbooks, online sources and amongst family and friends for new menu ideas only to find that your newly discovered recipe has several ingredients that you've never heard of or certainly don't keep in your kitchen on a regular basis. So then, it's a trip to the store to find this rare ingredient that ends up being expensive and now you've compromised the family budget, once again. Isn't there an easier way? Can't somebody come up with a few or even better, twenty meal ideas that are fresh and original, easy and won't kill the family budget?

Heck, you may not even care if they're original or not. You just want someone to tell you what to make each day, how to make it, have it be easy and have you're family love it and think you're a genius. Is that asking too much? Maybe not. There's a new book out called Menu Planner Meal Ideas by S. D. Lender. It's a twenty day, or four week dinner plan. Each week consists of dinners for Monday thru Friday. Each dinner includes an main entree, a side dish and a dessert suggestion.

The first week is called International Flare and features Mexican Monday, Italian Tuesday, Asian Wednesday, American Thursday and Greek Friday. Recipes are included for each entree and side dish. Most of the desserts suggestions are so simple that a recipe is not needed. Week two is called Southern Comfort and includes five down home southern dishes. Friday's Turkey and Dressing offers a way for the hard working parent who has no time to cook a way to present this meal by cheating the traditional time it would normally take to prepare this dish.

The third week is titled Super Southwest and offers a new and super easy take on some traditional southwestern meals. And last but not least, Week Four is called Tropical Fun with items like a quick to fix coconut shrimp, orange and lime chicken and a pineapple pork to name three of the five delicious meals included. Many people eat out on the weekends anyway, so there are no menu ideas for Saturday and Sunday. Imagine going thru four weeks of preparing meals and not having to make the same thing twice. It's genius!

At the end of the book, there is a grocery list that has everything that you will need to prepare the twenty meals. You may wish to buy some items like the fresh vegetables and dairy items week by week, but the frozen fruits and vegetables, baking items and canned goods can be bought at the beginning of the month and then you know you will have everything you need to come in from work, kick off your shoes, tie up your hair and start preparing supper. And when you hear those dreadful words (What's For Supper?), you can hand them the book and point to the page you're on. Problem solved. Life is great.

Menu Planner Menu Ideas by S D Lender

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