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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Historic Brennan's In New Orlean's French Quarter To Open Again Soon

Back in 2010, I was asked to write a fictional restaurant review based solely on internet research. I chose Brennan's Restaurant in New Orleans. This restaurant is the deep subject of one family's rich heritage since 1946 and it's loaded with unique local history as well. However, in June of 2013 the restaurant closed due to some family related issues, but new owner Ralph Brennan promises via this website ( that the restaurant will be reopening soon. Here is the original review that I wrote back in 2010.

Brennan’s Restaurant – Delights Fit for Royalty

A recent business trip to New Orleans with a colleague gave us the perfect opportunity to check out Bourbon Street and some of the famous restaurants in this romantic neighborhood deep in the French Quarter. We chose Brennan’s Restaurant for its unique history and incredible reputation for delicious Creole provender. The restaurant resides in the Old Absinthe House that used to be the oldest saloon in America and secret stomping ground for the famous pirate Jean Lafitte. It now houses 12 elegant French/Creole style dining rooms and five impressive private banquet rooms.

As we entered the establishment, we passed a courtyard that was lush with exotic plants and the soft fragrance of magnolia blossoms. While waiting to be seated, we viewed the alluring scenery of Creole sketches. In a few moments, we were guided to an upstairs dining room and to a table on the balcony overlooking the courtyard. Anticipation turned to excitement as the Cajun style atmosphere and the aroma of freshly prepared French cuisine stimulated our senses.

I chose the Creole Onion Soup for an appetizer that portrayed a soft but luscious flavor and my colleague chose the New Orleans Turtle Soup. For my main entrée, I had difficulty deciding between Trout Pecan and Brennan’s Blackened Redfish. Both sounded absolutely wonderful and I finally went with the Trout Pecan for its especially savory description of fresh trout filets sautéed and topped with roasted pecans and pecan butter, served with glazed carrots. I wasn’t disappointed and I found myself fighting the urge to order another plate. My colleague ordered the Blackened Redfish and expressed that the incredible combination of grilling to perfection and choice seasonings made this dish unforgettable. Our waiter suggested a bottle of Sonoma Chardonnay to complement our meal and we readily accepted.

After relaxing for a few moments, our waiter returned to suggest the famous Bananas Foster to finish the meal with a sweet touch. We decided to split one and the presentation of this dessert qualified for live entertainment. The dessert comes to your table as bananas and banana liqueur, brown sugar, butter and cinnamon. The plate is then flamed with rum while you watch and topped off with vanilla ice cream. The combination of bananas, the rich sauce and cool creamy topping is to die for.

We left the restaurant with a sense of utter and complete satisfaction and reflected on the feeling that we had been spoiled and pampered like French royalty. Now, where is our limo driver?...

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Suzanne Leavitt Lender said...

I really want to go there when it reopens.