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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Instagram - Is It The New Facebook?

Teenagers these days seem to be spending a lot of their time posting selfies to Instagram. One such teenager was asked if they still use Facebook. Her reply was, "Not so much. Facebook is full of commercials...and old people. I like Instagram better 'cause I can see my friends pictures and they can see mine without the other junk."

It's true that Facebook is now being used by just about every business that exists to promote their products or services online through something called Social Advertising or Social Media. Just about every website you visit these days has a Facebook icon where you can share this page or product on your Facebook status.

Not only Facebook, but Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many other social media sites offer the option to share website pages on your home page of that particular social media site. Instagram is still young in its popularity, so teenagers have the "court" so-to-speak to share and interact with their friends without all the commercial ads.

The basic premise of Instagram is similar to Facebook and many other social media sites. You open an account. It's free to do so. You are encouraged to connect with your friends. You can do this by searching for their username or real name. Once connected, you start posting pictures. This is likely the main difference between Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook is mostly about typing what's on your mind, whereas Instagram is mostly about posting pictures. Either one of these actions can be done on either site, it's just that the focus seems to be different for each site. Facebook pages do seem to be getting bogged down with less original comments from their owners and more copied content from other people's pages.

What's the name of that other social media site that used to be popular? Oh yeah...MySpace. You don't hear much about that one anymore. Wikipedia has a list of popular social networking sites. The list is in alphabetical order and the first 100 only makes it to the "J's". That page also explains that there is another page linked to this page that lists all the defunct social networking sites.

Humans are social creatures and apparently they love to connect with other humans. And making a profit off of human emotions can be a big business. And now with Instagram, profits are being made off of human vanity. It's just too much fun to take a picture of yourself. So everybody is doing it. Why even Kim Kardashian is selling a book that contains nothing but selfies in it. 

In April of this year, Instagram boasted that they now have over 200 million users. That's a lot of selfies.

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