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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The GoPro Hero Series High Definition Camera Lets You Take An Extra Eye Along For The Journey

No more telling fish stories about the one "that got away". No more chasing tornadoes and worrying about getting too close for comfort. No more coming back to town and telling folks that you missed Sasquatch...again.

And if you're friends don't believe you when you tell them that you went to Spain and ran with the bulls, simply strap a GoPro camera on the back of your head and run like the wind!

The GoPro high definition camera is lightweight, rugged, waterproof and can be mounted just about anywhere. Youtube videos are running wild with films about cameras being strapped to the backs of eagles.

Sky jumpers are videotaping in groups of 30 or more so you can share in the exhilarating experience with them. It's hard not to feel excited and breathless when taking in these views literally from the eyes of the outrageous beholder.

With dimensions of about the size of a business card and weighing in at about a half pound, the 35 mm GoPro camera was first released for mass production in 2005. It is now available as a digital camera. Inventor, Designer and Producer of the GoPro camera is Nick Woodman.

Woodman raised money for his company selling belts made out of sea shells and beads from the back of his VW van. He got the idea from a surfing trip in 2002 to Australia when he was hoping to catch photos of his surfing but no photographer could seem to get close enough to him to capture his essence.

So, as history would tell it, necessity is the mother of invention. There are several varieties of the GoPro Hero cameras, some with standard definition and others with high definition, some with 3 megapixels and others with 5 megapixels and still others can shoot stills up to 12 megapixels and able to capture 4K digital video. The camera comes with a self-timer, continuous shooting and the ability to shoot upside down, has low light capability and includes WiFi remote.

The Hero3+ Silver and Black Editions run $299 and $399 respectively. The company's website also sells mounts, accessories and software. 

Imagine how the face and the eyes for that matter, of journalism will change in the future because of this camera's capabilities.

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