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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Book Review - Climate Control by Robert Penfold

Climate Control is 31 chapters long and is written by Robert Penfold. This author's writing style is not quite as smooth and flowing as some authors, but his ability to tell a story with elaborate detail is unquestionable. There were a couple of typos and grammatical errors, but basically the writing was good.

Mr. Penfold began by giving me a thorough description of the story's characters. The story revolves around Mark Langham and his beautiful wife Emma, along with her father Simon.

As I read through the first few chapters, I gradually gathered the picture on their jobs, their personal tastes and their personalities. The Climate Control system was designed by Mark to break up threatening weather by the use of satellites and the earth's electromagnetic force.

The couple live in Manhattan, New York at present, but they originally met in Maryland where Mark worked as a meteorologist for NASA . Mark is now a young, retired NASA employee who designed the Climate Control system that is now owned by the UN, but he remains on the payroll as a consultant. He comes across to me as a normally quiet, peaceful person who avoids the limelight.

His wife Emma is a TV news reporter and anchor person who is ambitious in her career and lively in her personality. This position puts her in danger as the story progresses. Her retired military father is strong and steady and devoted to his daughter. Emma's mother had recently deceased. It is assumed that Mark's parents have deceased.

The story starts out calm and normal with nothing out of the ordinary as time unfolds with descriptions of everything from how the couple met, how the Climate Control system got started and works, what their apartment looks like to what a normal day for them is. In the midst of ordinary descriptions, I was blindsided by a shocking development. I realized that something terrible had just happened and I sat up in my chair holding my breath while I read.

That chapter ends with a couple of kidnappings and some uncertainty as to their safety and in the next chapter, it's back to calm and ordinary descriptions of how Simon's day is going with his daily routine and kindness being showed to his neighbors, etc. Next, you are in Mark's shoes again with an important presentation he has been asked to give at the UN concerning the Climate Control system and it's 3 deployed satellites. But, he is unaware of the crime being committed as he speaks.

When the presentation is over, Mark is heading back to his penthouse apartment when he receives a very disturbing phone call from a group called the Desert Rain Alliance that puts him into survival and rescue mode. Mark along with the President, FBI, CIA and a couple of other organizations come up with a plan to give them what they want and stall them at the same time. The plan works to free the prisoners, but it also backfires at the same time so that now the terrorists have control of one of the Climate Control system's satellites.

Tragic weather begins to happen in the middle eastern tourist area of the Israeli Red Sea and surrounding areas as the terrorists who had once had seemingly noble ideas and plans for bringing relief to their world began to feel the power they now possessed.  A great deal of description goes into these scenes of a once travelers paradise into the vacation from hell. When the Israeli government fires missiles toward the UN's Climate Control satellite in retaliation, I couldn't help but wonder if these terrorists had inadvertently started a war.

The next step of the terrorist's plan is to teach the Americans a lesson for not giving them prior control of the system and for stalling them in their plots. Danger lies ahead for New York City and Mark has to get control back of the satellite or else destroy it, which is what the President and his security council wants to do. As a massive hurricane begins to hit the big apple, I could literally feel the panic in the descriptions of mass hysteria. I felt sorry for Mark as he had to sit helplessly by and watch this disaster unfolding before his eyes.

Finally, when the storm has almost passed over, missiles are fired towards the Climate Control satellite and it is destroyed. At this point, I thought that the story was near the end, but this is only chapter 23. The government presents a solution that is heartbreaking to Mark and he is forced to carry out their instructions. I thought the story was near over again, but then something very wonderful and exciting happens to the reunited couple and I was sure at this point that the story was about to present its happy ending. However, a few years pass and the face of danger comes knocking on their door again!

There is only a tiny bit of mild language in this book, there is no sexual content, but there are some graphic descriptions of violence. Also, since the writer is from the UK, there are some words common to that country that some Americans might not know or be familiar with, but I did not feel that it distracted from the story. I gave the book a 4 star review on

To find out what happens, read...

Climate Control by Robert Penfold

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