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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Review - Going Home Again by Sarah Atkins

Going Home Again is the story of a girl (Jana) who fell in love with a young man (Josh) who made a mistake...a big mistake. It broke her heart and so she moved away to a big city...Dallas. At a very young age, she made a decision to leave her home and her beloved grandmother who raised her based on the infidelity of this man who was also very young and foolish at the time.

Apparently, he did really love her despite his indiscretion because he never married or even dated during the ten years that she was away. He had once tried to find her in Dallas only to see her arm in arm with another man. There were other attempts to see her there but he never had the courage to face her.

Life in the big city for her involves a variety of long hour jobs that keep her stressed and busy and avoiding her past and her pain. Finally, she lands a job as an assistant TV producer and then a morning lifestyle show producer with a comfortable income.

She had originally wanted to be a published author, but life sometimes pushes those dreams to a back burner. She is away from her small town home for ten years without once coming to visit. When she receives the news about her grandmother's death, she is forced to face her own selfishness and neglect of her grandmother and the pain of her compulsive decision to end her teenage romance.

However, going home again apparently is a good thing because it brings her back together with her first love who is now the attorney handling her grandmother's final arrangements. They forgive each other and make plans to start a passionate and wonderful life together. Tragically though, the old object of Josh's indiscretion makes an unexpected appearance at his office as a client and tries to seduce him...again. Jana walks in just in time to catch the ugly scene and breaks everything off. She decides to return to Dallas believing now that she will never be able to trust him.

Was Josh truly being unfaithful again? Read this book and find out.

Ms. Atkins is a wonderful writer with an easy, flowing writing style. Going Home Again has been reviewed and rated four times on with an average rating of 3.75 stars.

Going Home Again by Sarah Atkins


Rain Trueax said...

Good review Suzanne, sounds like an interesting book. I like the variety in your blog; so bookmarked it and will be back

Suzanne Leavitt Lender said...

Thanks, Rain. Don't forget to share on Facebook, too. Btw, I love your name! Is that your real name or a pen name? If it's real, then Kudos to your mom or dad for picking it.

Rain Trueax said...

I picked it for myself about twenty years ago, Suzanne. I use it for painting, sculpture and writing. Trueax is my maiden name ;)