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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The New Model S Tesla Will Tickle Your Wallet...Eventually

The New Tesla Model S due out in 2014 is an exciting evolution to the electric car revolution. Not only is this version equipped with a new sleek design and luxuriant interior, it comes with smart technology and an extremely efficient power source, both economically and ecologically.

The Tesla Model S is downright easy on the eyes. It's been said that the style reminds one of the Jaguar XF, only better. It's pretty no matter which angle you look at it from. Inside, you'll find a clean, roomy interior that comfortably holds five. But in case you need more space, there's a rear-facing jump seat that holds two more.

Does a 17-inch touchscreen computer on the front dash that operates and controls the audio system, navigation, internet service and the interior climate sound good? Yes, it sounds pretty awesome. Through this computer that looks very much like an Apple iPad, it unlocks the doors, trunk and hood, too. If that isn't enough, it also releases the flap that opens the car's charging port. However, the power windows and exterior mirrors are controlled by regular switches. But most everything else works only if the computer works. So, hopefully it will keep working. But how does the car start? Simply sit in the front seat with the key in your pocket and...zoom, zoom. Well, you do have to put it into drive.

If your plans this summer include a vacation, there is plenty of room for luggage, either in the cargo space under the fastback 'trunk' hood or under the front hood because the motor and battery are neatly placed under the floorboard. So, it's practical in design as well as nice to look at. Pretty and smart, just what every woman or man would want. To recharge the Model S electric car, simply plug it into any 240-volt outlet. Thousands of Tesla recharging stations are popping up all over the country as we speak. In fact, there's one up the street at the Publix grocery store. You will want to install a home charger too.

This new version comes with the company's own chassis which allowed Tesla the freedom to design the rest of the car instead of simply making a few modifications to an existing Lotus chassis which is what the Tesla Roadster had. The Tesla Model S has three choices of battery packs and two motor size options. The first level of battery strength comes with the basic model as 40 kilowatt hours. On a fully charged battery, this level of battery life would last for about 160 miles of continuous driving.

The next battery life level comes equipped with 60 kilowatt hours that would keep the motor running for about 230 hours. The highest battery life level is 85 kilowatt hours to last for 300 miles of continuous driving and this size battery comes with two motor options, the Model S Standard (362 HP) and the Model S Performance (416 HP). The standard motor can bring the car from 0-60 in 5.6 seconds and reach 125 mph and the performance model can bring the car from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and reach 130 mph.

One downside to long distance traveling with Tesla Model S is the fact that it takes about four to five hours to fully charge the battery. However, there are supercharging stations popping up by the hundreds in major cities all over the country that claim to be able to fully charge in about twenty minutes. The cost of a full charge varies by state due to the cost of electricity in that state, but it seems to average about $10-$15 per full 300 mile charge.

It presently costs about 2 cents per mile to operate an electric Tesla Model S and it costs about 16 cents per mile to operate a Porsche that gets about 25 mpg of gasoline at $4 per gallon. Both vehicles cost about the same in purchase price, but the cost of operating the Tesla electric car is...well, let's just say that in about 12 years, the Tesla has literally paid for itself.

Tesla stock has grown from about $30 a share in January of this year to the present value of $157 a share.

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