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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Morean Arts Center - Awesome Day of Art Education

On September 23rd of this year, my husband and I and our 12 year old granddaughter went to visit the Morean Arts Center in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Normal ticket prices for an adult are about $20 and for students are about $13, but we managed to take advantage of one of those Groupon deals that made our admission about half price. The art center group here actually consists of four different places to visit.

The main center is the Morean Arts Center which houses a gallery of some very interesting and unusual art pieces like paintings, sculptures and other creative works of art. In one of the back rooms in this building is a hands on classroom for kids. My granddaughter jumped right in making a painted butterfly with streamers. Next, she grabbed a paint brush and whipped up a colorful giraffe because she knows that's my favorite animal. She was happy because she got to keep what she made.

If you walk down to the corner and around the back of this building, you will find the Glass Studio and Hot Shop. After viewing literally hundreds of blown glass pieces in a variety of bright colors, we were able to sit in on a glass blowing demonstration. Two art experts showed off their skills starting from a chunk of glass, superheating it, grinding it, superheating it some more, adding more and more glass, blowing it and blowing it until have art. The process takes about 30 minutes with some amazing results.

Next, we drove about a mile down the street to the Chihuly Collection. This center is home to some huge, breathtaking pieces of glass blown art. Cameras are not allowed in this section per preference of some of the artists. We walked down a long, dark corrider and then were greeted by enormous, hanging red and then blue glass pieces that resembled upside down hanging pine cones. In another room there sat a life size canoe filled with brightly colored huge glass balls. One hallway had a glass ceiling with many pieces of glass blown art resting on it. There is no description available that could do this center justice. Breaktaking is the closest I can come to describing it.

We stopped for lunch at the D and J Hot Dog stand that sits near the intersection of 2nd Street and Beach Street. Yum, yum, indeed, then on to the Center For Clay in the train station. There we saw some really cool pieces of claywork. In addition, we got to watch some artists at work. Near the end of our tour, one of the artists gave my granddaughter a piece of clay and let her have a try at the pottery wheel. That was a real treat for her. All in all, our day at the Morean Arts Center was educational and really fun.


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