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Thursday, August 9, 2012

When Getting Your Tubes Tied Can Tie You In Knots - Side Effects of Tubal Ligation

There are many reasons why a woman might make the decision to have her tubes tied. The medical term for this procedure is Tubal Ligation. This is when the tubes called the Fallopian are cut, clipped and/or burned at the edges.

With the tubes destroyed, eggs coming from a woman's ovaries cannot reach her uterus. If the egg can't reach her uterus, then obviously, she can't get pregnant.

Health reasons may make it life threatening for her to become pregnant. She may be concerned about serious birth defects or health issues that her child would likely develop or inherit for one reason or another. Or maybe her financial situation or mental or emotional state prevent her from giving appropriate care to another baby.

What she may not realize and her doctor may not tell her before her tubal ligation is performed is that there are possible side effects from this surgery. Many women report increased cramping and blood flow with clotting during menstruation following a tubal ligation. Other women suffer from mood swings, anxiety, depression and fatigue after their surgery. Migraines, memory loss and hair loss have also been a problem for some women.

Doctors at the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina explain that these symptoms and side effects are likely attributed to the change in hormone levels after a woman's normal body process such as the menstrual cycle has been interrupted by this type of surgery. Other theories include the fact that cutting the fallopian tubes cuts off blood flow from the ovaries to the uterus causing a host of symptoms.

This disruption in the way the body's cycle and menstrual process flows can also cause changes in sexuality. Many women report diminished or vanished libido, vaginal dryness and pelvic discomfort. But more importantly, the aforementioned hormonal changes can directly affect female health. Some women have had to undergo hysterectomies a few years after a tubal ligation surgery because their menstrual health deteriorated to the point that endometriosis was suspected.

A study done in July of 2004 at the Prince of Songkia University in Thailand revealed some rather confusing information. The report was published at and in conclusion it stated basically that nearly half of the 125 women who had given birth more than twice and had suffered from chronic pain and had underwent tubal ligations had endometriosis.

So, in conclusion, talk to your doctor about possible side effects from a tubal ligation before you have it done. You might first consider other forms of birth control before you put your body through this type of drastic and pretty invasive change.


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