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Friday, April 20, 2012

Writing An MBA Thesis That Makes The Grade

A Masters in Business Administration thesis or MBA thesis is responsible for a major portion of the grade that results in this Master’s Degree. For this reason, it is very important that the thesis be written with quality, ingenuity and originality.

Attention needs to be given to proper format, correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. Most MBA theses contain an Introduction, Background Information, Research Statement, Description, 

Conclusion and References. Along with these requirements comes the necessity for choosing a topic that will stand out among the literally thousands of MBA theses that most professors have already heard.

Topics for an MBA thesis will generally include subjects related to the field of Business. This field can encompass many different subjects. 

For example, Organizational Behavior, Finance Management and E-Commerce Business Strategies are among the many topics that one could choose to write about.

Traditionally, an MBA thesis will consist of about 200-300 pages and will include a thesis statement and a thesis outline. The important thing when writing an MBA thesis is to choose a topic that the student is truly interested in or feels passionate about.

Even though the student will be writing about a business topic that he/she feels strongly about, it’s important to be truthful and factual. In addition, it has to realistic enough to be considered applicable in the real world. Extensive research, cross referencing and fact-checking will need to be done to ensure the accuracy of statements that will be included in the MBA thesis.

Generally speaking, the writing of a thesis takes the entire term up to a full year and a thesis for a Ph.D. degree takes a few years. This is because it takes time to organize the thesis, starting from theory to arguments and then to the conclusion.

The purpose for requiring a MBA thesis is to prove that the student has made a useful contribution to the world of business. In addition, the student needs to demonstrate that he/she has sufficiently gained the needed knowledge to excel in this field.

The professors that grade the thesis are looking for whether or not the student has made an original contribution to what is presently known about this subject. Did their questions get answered within their research and were they good questions in the first place, ones that had never been asked before?

For help writing an MBA thesis, it’s good to consider some differences among theses. For example, the differences between an MBA thesis and a finance thesis have to do with the fact that an MBA thesis covers many categories of business, including finance, whereas a finance thesis will strictly stay within the scope of the world of finance.

In addition, an MBA thesis could cover topics related to the history of business among other themes, but a history thesis itself, will remain within the topics related to a historical degree. Another important tip for writing an effective MBA thesis is to avoid sounding like a novel. The purpose is to answer a few main questions of a particular theory.

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