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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Three Kids in Vermont Create a Green Footprint Car Magnet That Makes a Big “Green” Impression

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (July 1, 2008, Wells, Vermont) Large green footprints bearing the words “Go Green” have been appearing on cars and trucks all across the New England States within recent months.

The green footprint is a car magnet created by three children in Wells, Vermont to inspire and encourage onlookers to live their life “green”.

David and Janet Emmons’ home schooled children, Max, 19, Katie, 13, and Abbie, 11 became increasingly interested in a family science project relating to the environment. The children expressed an intense desire to become more personally involved in promoting environmental awareness.  These concerned and creative siblings put their heads together and came up with a rather unique way of spreading the word.

Together they came up the GreenFoot car magnet. They knew that with the millions of cars on the road everyday that the GreenFoot car magnet would be plainly seen and become recognizable as the new symbol for living “green”. Individuals that purchase the GreenFoot car magnet would be making their public statement to the world that they are committed to living “green”.

The green footprint represents the promise of the individual to do their very best to make their own environmentally friendly carbon footprint in the world. The GreenFoot car magnet says in effect, “I’m leaving a “green” impression on this world and I encourage you to do the same.”

With the help of their parents, the children’s science project would become a successful family business promoting environmental awareness. As excitement and enthusiasm began to grow about the GreenFoot car magnet, Vermont area businesses were happy to get involved in the project.

A print house in Poultney agreed to print the package and a local area woodworker and a local blacksmith worked together to construct the advertising displays. Soon after trademarks, copyrights and displays were obtained, the GreenFoot car magnet began to show up everywhere throughout the region making the children’s’ vision a reality.

The children and their parents have also put together a website that explains the mission of the GreenFoot car magnet. The website also contains tips for living “green” and an area where you can contribute to the website with your own suggestions on living a “green” life.

And of course, the GreenFoot car magnet is available for purchase online at the site. The website encourages you to buy two magnets at a discount price and give one to a friend, thus spreading a little of your own “greenage”.   

David E. Emmons, Vermont Nature Creations.
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