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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Really Nice News About Niacin And Zantrex

There's a fairly new diet pill out there called Zantrex that has been getting some pretty positive reviews. Most of the reviews claim that the pill does really work. A little research into the ingredients of Zantrex tells us that the two main ingredients are niacin and caffeine.

Most of the caffeine comes from herbal supplements that naturally contain caffeine. Most people are aware that caffeine does, in fact, suppress your appetite and give you focus and energy. So...what about the niacin? How does niacin help you lose weight? Let's take a look at niacin in general.

According to (US National Library of Medicine), niacin is one of the B vitamins. It is mainly used for reducing cholesterol and other fatty substances in your blood. Niacin does this by raising the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) in your blood. Then, the HDL carries the bad cholesterol out of your blood stream. It even cleans your artery walls of bad cholesterol.

Niacin also plays a role in DNA repair. Damage can be done to DNA strands when individuals are over exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun or other radiation, possibly from cancer treatments. DNA strands can also break when they are exposed to environmental toxins or certain viruses. The results of a study done at the Mie University in Japan back in 1997 established that niacin repaired or rejoined DNA strand breaks that can lead to a host of illnesses including cancer.

Niacin strengthens the immune system by helping the adrenal glands produce steroid hormones that regulate immune response. Niacin also helps the adrenal glands do their job with regard to metabolizing glucose.  Niacin produces the steroid hormone glucocorticoid that aids in the break down and usage of carbohydrates.

Deficiencies of niacin are usually marked by the symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue and irritability. After considering these factors, you can see why Zantrex would be so popular as a weight loss product. But do you really need to take this particular supplement to get the niacin you want? Niacin is found naturally in chicken, beef, fish, peanuts, eggs, avocados, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes and mushrooms. You can also simply take a niacin supplement.

Most supplements contain pills at 25-100 mg. per pill and the toxic level of niacin is considered to be between 1500-3000 mg. varied by individual.  Generally speaking, your body lets you know when you're getting enough niacin by the "flushing" effect. Start low and gradually increase your dosage until you experience a "flush" feeling. That means you're getting enough niacin.


Anonymous said...

Toxic dose isnt 3 grams. That is the minimum cardiologists recommend to reduce cholesterol levels, fyi. 6 grams is usually the max they recommend. The LD50 dose is like 320 grams at one time.

Suzanne Leavitt Lender said...

Thank you for your comment. According to The University of Maryland Medical Center's website, a high dose of Niacin is considered to be 50 mg. or more and the higher the dose the more likelihood of side effects ranging from anything as simple as the "flushing" earlier mentioned all the way to liver damage and stomach ulcers. It also mentions that doctors recommend a periodic liver function test if you're taking 100 mg. per day. RDA's for adults is 14-16 mg. per day. But what do they know...:)