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Friday, April 1, 2011

Raspberries And Dong Quai For Healthy Ovaries

More and more women these days are experiencing reproductive disorders that require medication or even surgery. With over half a million hysterectomies performed every year, the search for cures becomes urgent.

But, many times the solution offered by gynecologists for cystic ovaries or endometriosis of the uterus is to prescribe a hormone pill or simply to remove the organs altogether. The reason for hormone therapy for ovarian cysts and endometriosis is due to the connection between these disorders and hormonal imbalances.

So, with that thought in mind, is there any way to strengthen the hormonal system? Only a few studies have been conducted with regard to the use of Dong Quai for reproductive disorders in women, but the University of Maryland's Medical Center website reports that Dong Quai may have estrogen-like properties. In lab tests, Dong Quai appeared to reduce pain, dilate blood vessels and stimulate and relax uterine muscles.

Raspberry leaves are rich in Folic Acid, a B-Vitamin extremely important to female reproductive health. Women have reported that with the use of these two supplements together, their painful cycles had been greatly reduced and in some cases the pain is completely gone.

Some of these women had been told that a hysterectomy was an inevitable prognosis for them. Dong Quai and Raspberry leaves should not be used by women who are in the early stages of pregnancy, since they sometimes cause the uterus to contract. More studies need to be done on these two supplements to show their value in preventing reproductive diseases and promoting good ovarian and uterus health.

The only side effect of using Dong Quai that has been reported is sensitivity to sunlight. Also, when choosing a good raspberry leaf tea, make sure that the tea is made from real raspberry leaves and not raspberry flavored orange or black tea.

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