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Friday, March 16, 2012

Online GED: Changing Your Future

Teenage years can be tough. And sometimes things happen that can have a way of changing all your plans. So, maybe you had to make the decision to quit high school.

As a result, you did not receive a high school diploma. A few years pass and the job market is overcrowded with incredible competition. Now you really wish you had your diploma. Can you change the past?

You most certainly can correct it! Getting a GED (General Educational Development) is considered by states and nationally to be the equivalent of a high school diploma.

And preparing to take your GED through online courses offers the convenience of learning from home or at least outside of a traditional classroom. More than just a convenience, it may be a necessity to gain your GED with the help of online classes.

Your present schedule may not allow you to attend a vocational school that offers a GED program. But, you need to be careful when choosing your online school. Don't be fooled by online schools that offer the test for an additional fee. This type of diploma is not considered valid by the US Department of Education.

A GED test that is recognized by the state is one that is taken at an official test center. The nationally standardized test is broken into 5 parts and usually takes about 7 hours to complete. The cost of taking the test varies by state. The subjects that you will be tested on are: Writing Skills, Social Studies, Science, Reading and Mathematics.

In order to pass the test, you must have a score higher than 60% of all the other students that take the GED test and students that gain a high school diploma. So, if you have been out of school for a few years, you should consider signing up for classes that will prepare you to take the GED test.

There are several options to consider. Most libraries, vocational schools and some universities offer free classes to prepare for taking the GED test. To be eligible, you must be out of school and over 16 years old. If you are thinking about the convenience and/or necessity of preparing for the test with the help of online courses, here are some suggestions.

Research thoroughly several different online schools and compare the curriculum, costs and length of study. Another thing to check out is whether or not the particular distance education you are looking into offers practice tests to help prepare for the official test. actually offers a free online study program to get ready for the GED test. The website is hoping that you will also sign up for information about college classes, but the courses that they offer match the subjects that you will be tested on and they offer practice tests as well.

The amount of time it will take to complete the study courses will vary greatly from person to person depending on the amount of time they have to devote to study. Other online classes such as the GED Academy costs about $289 for GED test preparation classes. This course can supposedly be completed in approximately 4-5 weeks.

There is plenty of help available for getting your GED. You may not be able to change the past, but you can certainly change your future.

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