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Friday, October 28, 2011

Link Popularity For Your Website: Exposing Your Weakest Link

Every website business wants to be strong and successful. So what is link building and what constitutes a weak link? First of all, link building is when other websites that offer products and services that relate to your product agree to add a link on their pages to your website.

For example, if you had a website that sold coffee mugs, you might ask to add your website link to one of their pages. Not only does this build traffic to your website, because you will likely ask several online coffee stores to link to your website, this also increases your value in the eyes of the search engines.

Google places a very high emphasis on link popularity when they decide where to rank your website. In fact, if your website has no or very little link popularity, Google will many times send your website into a category known as Supplemental Results pages. In this category, you may not get ranked at all. So, exchanging quality links is a very good thing for your website.

All of this translates to huge traffic and success in your online venture. Why would the particular website mentioned earlier be a good choice for a link building site? At present, is the second website that is listed (after the paid ads) on a “buy coffee online” search with Google. They obviously get loads of traffic that will in turn likely see your link.

This company also represents a well known brand name for coffee, so this is a strong link. Choosing links indiscriminately is likely to do your website more harm than good. Links from websites that are not indexed very high, do not have quality content, or may even have questionable material constitute a weak link. Remember that when you are linking from their website, you are lending credibility to their content.

It also doesn’t make any sense to request a website to link to your website when it offers absolutely nothing that is related to your product. How many sales do you think you might receive from a link that comes from a website discussing the dangers of caffeine if you wish to sell coffee cups? Taking on a link building project can be overwhelming to say the least.

Choosing which sites to link to, whether or not to take advantage of paid links and how to figure the cost-benefit analysis steps are not as simple as they might seem. The experts in website design can handle the research, communication and programming involved in building link popularity for your website. They are fully equipped to help you maximize your link building potential.

Whether it’s tapping into branded verticals and specialty directories, getting targeted traffic through relevant websites, or finding out who your competitor links to – a link popularity campaign can make your web presence more solid, more effective, and highly visited. Eliminate the weak links in your chain of success. Hire a professional website design company to bring link popularity to your website.

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