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Friday, November 25, 2011

Is There A Simple Cure For Cancer?

Millions of dollars are regularly being spent on research for finding cures for cancer. New drugs are being formulated and new procedures are being tested in order to achieve the ultimate goal of eliminating cancer in our lifetime.

However, important discoveries have already been made with regard to the prevention and treatment of cancer that have not been given the attention they deserve.

Maybe, it is because some of these methods can not be formulated in a laboratory, bottled, shipped and marketed by a pharmaceutical company. Where's the profit in that?

It's difficult to make billions of dollars off of good advice. Especially if the advice is not new and it does not appear to be dramatic or outstanding. What if the best cures for cancer were simply found in our local health food store or in the pages of the bible? Proverbs 14:30, just in case you are curious.

This brings us to the subject of pH balance. A proper pH balance is critical to good health. If your blood, organs and tissues are too acidic, it will cause your body to become a cancer breeding ground. Nine times out of ten, if you were to check the pH of an individual with cancer, they would be too acidic.

It has been proven that tumors cannot survive in an alkaline environment. However, too much alkaline is dangerous for your organs and nervous system, as well. So, bringing your body to a slightly alkaline state will improve your chances of preventing cancer and other health disorders.

Even in cases of advanced stages of cancer, patients have been treated with Cesium Chloride, which is an extremely alkaline substance, and the cancer has been reversed and in some cases, eliminated. Most health food stores usually carry pH test strips that allow you to check your pH balance on a regular basis in the privacy of your home.

Use the yellow test strip in your mouth to determine your pH. Wet the test strip completely with your saliva and read immediately. Make sure not to use it right after eating or drinking, because it will not read accurately. A light to medium green reading is usually best.

Very dark blue is too alkaline, and very light yellow is too acid. pH stands for "Potential for Hydrogen". The lower the number, the more concentrated the hydrogen ions are and the more acidic you are. On a scientific scale, measuring hydrogen concentration ranges from 0-14 with 7 being neutral.

Readings for pH balance generally range in humans from 5 to 8, with the lower number being extremely acidic and the higher number translating into extremely alkaline. To prevent cancer, it is best to be slightly alkaline at 7.1 to 7.4. To treat cancer, numbers will need to be more aggressive in alkaline levels.

There are many ways you can correct your pH balance. If you are too acidic, eat more vegetables and fruits, they leave an alkaline residue or ash in your body when your body burns the food for fuel. Don’t smoke or use too much alcohol, this makes you very acidic.

Drink clean spring water or use a tap water filter and limit coffee and soft drinks. They are made with distilled water and very acidic. If you are too alkaline, eat more protein and grains, they leave acid residue or ash in your body.

Exercise can also make you more acidic temporarily. Get plenty of rest and quality sleep. Your mood and state of mind also affect your pH balance. It has been proven that emotions like anger, hatred and fear make you very acidic.

Stress also contributes to this. So, basically trying to be a calm, happy person can actually help prevent cancer. Chlorella is a green food supplement that will promote a more alkaline environment in your body and improve your overall health, as well.

In review, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink clean spring water, breathe clean air, get plenty of sleep, exercise and calm your heart and negative emotions. If pharmaceutical companies could figure out a way to bottle and sell that, they would.

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