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Friday, May 13, 2011

Is The Air In Your Home Making You Sick?

If you live in a lovely, well-decorated and spotlessly clean home and still have the tendency to be sick a lot, it might have something to do with your inside air quality.

Of course, there may be many factors related to frequent sickness that have nothing to do with air quality, but at least it's something to consider. If you stop and think about it for a moment, just about everything in your home has been manufactured with some type of chemical. Your flooring may be constructed and/or laid with adhesives that emit potentially toxic fumes.

Other construction materials in the home, like the wallpaper and drywall may also emit adhesive fumes or formaldehyde. Carpet has its own set of chemical gases that are released after installation. Do we dare go into the basement and inspect the levels of radon gas coming from underground sources?

Cleaning chemicals that we use each day also give off fumes that have nowhere to go but float around in circles and then into our lungs. Why do they have nowhere to go? Because we work so hard to make our homes as energy efficient as possible by sealing up tightly all the windows and doors.

In our efforts to keep the utility bills low, we may not realize that we are increasing the chance of adding a doctor bill or two. Poor air quality contributes to and aggravates the symptoms of allergies, asthma, sinus infections and other respiratory illnesses.

If you burn candles in your home or use plug-in room fresheners, where do you think all that smoke and freshening chemical goes? That's right, they too become trapped in the air in your room that you will soon be breathing in. What about pet dander, dust, dirt from outside, lint from clothing and bedding?

And if your stomach can handle it, think about the fact that dust mites float around on the millions of dead skin cells that you shed every day. You know, the ones that you see sparkling in the rays of sunshine coming through the window.

Is the answer to equip our families with gas masks? That might help, but it wouldn't be too practical. The obvious answer is to invest in a good quality air filter. They can be purchased in a wide range of prices, styles and quality. Some of the best air filters, and some of the most expensive, are products that use water to filter the air.

Water is the perfect filter because it traps virtually all of the dust, mites, chemicals and other air contaminants. Not only that, when the job is done, the fact that you can pour the dirty water out the back door or down the toilet is definitely an advantage to vacuuming a filter that may release dust and dirt back into the air.

Or, some products require the continual replacement of air filters and this can get costly over time. If you have pets, children or allergies and you value good health, maybe you should look into getting a good quality air filter.

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