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Friday, June 10, 2011

Internet Marketing Plans: What Is SEO?

Why is it important to your website? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It basically means that your website is set up in such a way that search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and HotBot are attracted to it enough to pull it to the first few pages of a search that an internet visitor is conducting.

You really want to be on the first few pages of a search, especially the first page. Most people don’t look much past the first or second page when searching for something.

When you are on the first page of a search, this means that you will get plenty of targeted visitors to your website. We say targeted because this individual was specifically looking for something that your website offers when the search engine pulled your site to the list.

But if an internet shopper is searching for your product online and your website is listed on the second to the last page of the search, your website will never be seen.

But just hoping that the search engines will be attracted to your site is a useless venture. Search engines have their reasons for ranking sites in the order that they do. Search engines decide how useful your site is to a visitor by examining your site for specific keywords that describe your site information and the products that you offer.

How well your keywords are chosen determines how much search engines like your site. This is where SEO comes in. This professional service makes sure that your web content contains the best keywords for optimal rankings. You should hire an expert to choose the very best keywords for your website based on your input along with intensive research and analysis.

How do search engines know that your website exists? It will find your site on its own eventually, usually about 3-6 months after your site goes live. Most website owners are eager to begin selling their products and don’t wish to wait for the engines to find them. So you can help it along in this process much sooner by Site Submissions. This is another service that internet marketing professionals offer.

Link Popularity is an increasingly important feature of successful internet marketing. This is when other quality sites that offer products and services related to yours agree to allow on their site a link to your site. The greatly builds traffic to your site and is another major factor that influences search engine ranking.

This shows that these quality sites value your site enough to link to it. The search engines are impressed that they value your site, so they rank your site higher. Internet marketing experts select the best sites for this strategy and aid in implementing this program for you.

Another great feature of Internet Marketing Plans is Detailed Ranking Reports. This service allows you to monitor the progress of your site as it continually increases its rank. All these great features are usually included in most SEO internet marketing plans.

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