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Friday, March 25, 2011

Healthier Kidneys With A Twist

Kidney disease is up by 16% from ten years ago. One in six people have kidney disease and 67,000 individuals die every year from kidney failure. Why are kidney problems becoming more prevalent? Because diabetes and high blood pressure are also on the rise and they are the two main causes of kidney disease. In turn, poor diet and lack of exercise greatly contribute to diabetes and high blood pressure.

Many western nations have a difficult time controlling their diet and exercise habits. Fast food chains with the ever popular dollar menus, along with common forms of entertainment that encourage you to sit still and watch, like television shows and movies do not promote a healthy lifestyle. It is interesting to note that researchers have found that sugar and salt can damage the kidneys. And both of these substances are also connected to diabetes and high blood pressure, the two main causes of kidney disease.

It stands to reason then, that limiting your sugar and salt intake will more than likely have a very positive effect on the health of your kidneys. Fast food is loaded with sugars and salts and so it is easy to see why kidney disease is on the rise. Other substances to be avoided if at all possible are caffeine and preservatives. Caffeine is said to cause dehydration, which in turn can damage the kidneys and preservatives can be toxic to the body, especially the kidneys. On the proactive side of the coin, there are a few foods that have been known to be especially good for the kidneys.

The first one is lemons. Lemons are natural cleansers and healers. If you take five lemons and put them into a food processor, you will get a very tart and frothy drink. This is known as a kidney cleanse. There are documented cases whereby this lip puckering concoction has actually dissolved kidney stones. The juice from the lemons can actually cleanse and flush the nephron structures located inside the kidney. This process removes sediments and other chemical buildup making the kidneys work more efficiently. Other foods that promote good kidney health include garlic, pumpkins, parsley and watermelon. Cranberries act as a urinary tract cleanser and royal jelly acts as an anti-inflammatory and is good for hypertension which is related to kidney damage.

Hydrangea herb has also been noted to be a natural diuretic and supportive to kidney health. Of course, one of the most important things you can do to strengthen your kidney function is to drink plenty of clean spring water. Sodas, coffee and tea all contain either too much sugar or caffeine to keep the kidneys happy. Carbonated drinks also interfere with calcium levels if consumption is too high. Calcium along with magnesium are very important minerals associated with good kidney health. Stress can also have a negative effect on the kidneys. So, in review, the best secrets to healthy kidneys can be found if you relax, drink water, eat lemons and stay away from too much sugar and salt.

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