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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Graphix Slide Revolutionizes The Skateboarding Industry

For Immediate Release - January 5, 2011 - Alien Concepts, LLC of Phoenix, Arizona is announcing the introduction of Graphix Slide to the world of Skateboarders and their fans. The company believes that Skateboarders are true artists and as such want more than just a maple board to ride and slide with.
They want perfect presentation at all times. In addition, Alien Boards, the makers of Graphix Slides realized that Skateboarders need a deck surface that works with them, not against them when perfecting their boardslides, noseslides and tailslides.
 Alien Concepts created the Graphix Slide protective sheet just for the purpose of meeting the Skateboarder’s needs. Each protective sheet boasts the latest in popular graphic design. To further meet the needs of the especially artistic Skateboarder, Graphix Slides can be custom designed by the buyer.
In addition, the Alien Board Graphix Slide comes with a non-residue adhesive backing, making them removable and replaceable when the Skateboarder desires a new design. Graphix Slide sheets are made with a heavy duty matte finish offering the highest quality in construction and to make every boardsliding experience a real ride in the air.
 President of the company, Robert St. Clair states that, "Graphix Slide revolutionizes the skateboarding industry. It will change the way you think about skateboards. The Graphix Slide protective sheet is removable, leaves no residue and custom fits to the bottom of your skateboard deck.
 It has been designed to enhance even the most perfect boardslide. The Graphix Slide is available now on our website at ” Graphix Slide sheets apply easily like grip tape and can be applied to new or slightly used boards. The Graphix Slide MSRP is $24.99. Learn more about Graphix Slides at
Press Release Contact, Robert St.Clair, Alien Concepts, LLC / Alien Boards, LLC, Phone: 480.707.3604, Email:

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