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Friday, February 24, 2012

Career Development: Smooth Transitions

When You Need To Go Back

According to USA Today, 84% of stay at home moms are considering returning to work and according to the Center for Work-Life, 93% of women that left work are trying to come back.

Times are a bit tough and financial difficulties can be a powerful motivation for some women to return to the work place. For other women it may be the psychological need to fully apply themselves within their talents and abilities.

Maybe the children that they left their career to care for full time are now school age and so they wish to continue their career development. For whatever the reason, women wishing to re-enter the job market may face some challenges as they try to pick up where they left off in their careers.

Reportedly, a whopping 26% of women hoping to return to work fail to be able to do so. Are there some ways that you can increase these odds in your favor?

Contact Your Connections

If you have lost contact with your former workmates, you might consider re-establishing a connection with them. They can be a valuable source of help in getting back into the workplace. Not only will they likely know about available positions in the field you both shared, but they may even have some information on the newest job classifications, market needs and career trends.

Besides past workmates, you have within your reach many other present and former contacts that can provide immeasurable assistance in re-establishing your career development. In essence, they can help put the word out for you that you are looking to return to your former career goals.

Take a Course or Two

While looking for a job, it’s extremely advisable to brush up on your skills or even add a new one. You can’t expect the demands of the job market to be the same when you left it. The terms advanced technology are defined by the fact that technology is always advancing and likewise if you wish to fit into many of today’s careers you must be able to keep up with these advances in software programs, database applications or maybe website development.

There is a wealth of information available for obtaining the needed skills for a successful career transition. Many programs offer online training and self-paced training as an option for meeting the educational requirements that your career of choice is looking for. Many of these courses offer additional assistance in obtaining a job like interview preparation and resume building.

Present a Positive Interview

One of the questions that you will be asked during an interview is to explain the gap in your work history. Instead of presenting this as a negative sounding period of unemployment, turn this situation into a very positive opportunity to describe the extra training and skills that you acquired during this time.

Whether it be a position of responsibility with the school’s PTA or leadership in a church club or even a special skill you gained while enjoying a certain hobby, you always have some productive activity that you can present in a positive and impressive way.

Smooth the Transition with Balance

Another important thing to consider when choosing the company to apply to is whether or not it will allow you to balance work with your life. It is always a good thing to check out the company’s website, not only to be familiar with the company, but also to find out about its workplace requirements and policies.

Do they offer an in-house daycare facility? What retirement benefits or flex plans are available? Research the company well enough to ensure that your career transition will take place smoothly.

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