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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Best Books To Read At The Beach

Everyone loves digging their toes into the sand, sipping a strawberry daiquiri, baking in the sun and listening to the surf. Who minds the shrieking seagulls and squeals of children playing?

Why, just the sight of a palm tree sends endorphins rushing through my veins. It's the ultimate escape from everything else in our normal routine.

So I guess it's hard for me to recommend a good book at this time, because reading is the last thing I want to do when I'm at the beach. Sleeping is the perfect thing to do at the beach.

Dreaming is the next perfect thing to do at the beach. Complete relaxation is what going to the beach is for. I’m aware that it’s an unwritten rule to bring a book with you to the beach. So, sometimes I’d cave in to the peer pressure and bring a book with me to my favorite tropical paradise.

But maybe I have ADHD or something, because it was absolutely impossible to stay focused on the book. I would start to read a few lines, and then someone would go walking or running by. I would have to look up and check out their tan or see how their figure compared to mine or maybe just admire some well formed muscles.

Then I would look up again to watch and chuckle as children played with their dog or maybe an awesome sailboat would cruise by. Sometimes it would be something as simple as stopping to notice an exceptionally pleasant breeze that just crossed over me.

I guess I just enjoy the whole scenery too much to bury my head in a book. I know I'd miss something really intoxicating if I was glued to the pages of a novel. My favorite time to read is when I'm curled up on the couch in a blanket, with snow falling by the buckets outside.

The kids are asleep and the dishes are all done. The raspberry hot tea is almost through brewing and the radio in the other room is softly playing You Make Me Feel Brand New by the Stylistics.

Of course, this scenerio doesn't happen every day, so I try to read a little every night before I go to bed, despite the chaos of a normal day. If I must recommend a book to read at the beach, I'd have to say any kind of picture book is ideal for me. Like, big pictures of all the restaurants or other hotspots that I can choose to visit once the sun has set on my perfect beach.

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