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Friday, June 24, 2011

Addictions: The Master - Slave Relationship

When a person is tagged as having an addiction, it usually refers to the fact that this person has a seemingly uncontrollable obsession for certain things, such as drugs or alcohol.

This obsession may be psychological or actually physical depending on the particular addiction. It is usually defined as a desperate sort of dependency on something, whether real or imagined.

During the time that a person is still suffering from the addiction, he may feel as though he is a slave to his addiction. He will do whatever his “master” asks of him in order to satisfy its needs. It is as though the person no longer owns himself. The person’s will does not matter.

He answers only to the need of his addiction, whenever, wherever and however it needs to be satisfied. In many cases, addicts have lied, stolen, cheated and even murdered in order to satisfy their addiction. Many have even sold themselves sexually in order to obtain the object of their addiction. Let’s briefly look at a few different types of addiction.

Drug Addiction is probably what most people think of when mentioning the word addiction. There are certain types of drugs that make the user more prone to addiction, because they offer a “buzz” or “high” when used.

These can include prescription and over-the-counter drugs as well as illegal drugs. Examples of these are stimulants, sedatives and analgesics. There are hereditary factors also that can make one more prone to drug addiction. But is might surprise you to discover that even the caffeine in coffee and the nicotine in cigarettes are considered addictive drugs.

The addiction to alcohol is actually considered by psychologist to be a drug addiction, although most people don’t think of it that way. And unless you live in a “dry” county, it is not illegal to buy alcohol and drink alcohol. This is probably because drinks that contain alcohol are considered a food that offer some nourishment.

And moderately used, they pose no danger or threat to the individual. But when alcohol is abused, it can become a dangerous addiction. Many alcohol addicts end up with a fatal case of cirrhosis of the liver. If you ever find that you can not get through a day without an alcoholic drink, you should seek medical assistance.

A person with a Food Addiction is said to have a compulsive/overeating disorder and should not be confused with a eating disorder like bulimia. A food addict is obsessed with food, fantasizes about eating alone and feels out of control when it comes to their eating habits.

They may consume large amounts of food at one sitting and thereafter suffer from guilt and depression from their eating. But they do not try to compensate for their behavior by vomiting or taking laxatives or fasting like a bulimic would. The biggest danger from a food addiction is obviously weight gain that leads to heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and many other health problems.

When a person has an unusually intensive sex drive or is obsessed with sex to the point that is interferes with their daily activities they may have a Sex Addiction. Sexual activities seem to dominate their thinking.

Sex Addiction is usually associated with the person’s willingness to take dangerous risks without any concern for consequences just to satisfy their cravings. They may even resort to illegal activities such as exposing themselves in public, obscene phone calls or molestation.

For obvious reasons, a Gambling Addiction can be the most financially devastating of all the addictions. A gambling addict is a person who has lost control over his gambling habits, and has even put himself or loved ones in dangerous situations simply to support his desire to win.

He may borrow money from “loan sharks”, unscrupulous people who loan money at a very high interest and demand repayment at the cost of a life or limb. He may spend the money that has been reserved for household living expenses and consequently put his family in the street just to play one more game. He is obsessed with winning the “big one”. He believes that if he just tries one more time, he will win. He does not recognize his losses, he only rejoices with any gains.

Many people have become slaves to the masters of gambling, sex, food, alcohol and drugs, but breaking the chains is possible.

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