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Friday, January 21, 2011

Ninja Games Attack Zombies in iPhone App Store with Fruit Ninja

Seoul, South Korea - For Immediate Release - January 9, 2011 - Until recently, iPhone Game Developers appeared to be favoring the creation of Zombie related themes in their game applications. In fact, the Zombie genre enjoyed enough success that Apple singled out this genre as a popular category in the iTunes Appstore.

However, Ninja Games are about to give Zombies a run for their money. To be sure, some Gamers will continue to enjoy mindlessly blasting away at Zombies. But the numbers of Gamers seeking out the new and upcoming trend of Ninja Games is steadily increasing in hit and sales rank in the iTunes AppStore. Browsing through the Zombies game genre in the Appstore will yield over 200 Zombies Games. However, a similar search for Ninja Games will result in over 300 hits. In other words, the Ninja game genre has been rising in popularity with a steady pace.

Fruit Ninja developed by Half Brick Studios is one of the most popular iPhone games. The creators of Fruit Ninja took an ordinary kitchen chore and turned it into a food fight that Gamers can’t get enough of. The game took advantage of the iPhone touch screen by requiring Players to use their fingers to slice and dice fruit being thrown into the air. Obtaining a high score made this game highly addictive as Players would often try to beat their own score. Generally, Ninjas are often associated with violent swords and weapons, the Developers made this game acceptable for all ages. 

Another popular Ninja game is Ninjump by Blackflip Studios. The free version became instantly popular for its extremely simple, yet addictive concept. Players control a Ninja running up two vertically-adjacent buildings while avoiding obstacles that impede their journey forward. While this feature is far from unique, the developers incorporated exciting bonuses that propel players to new and exhilarating heights in the game’s progression. Simple one-touch controls allow even the novice player to simply pick it up and start playing.

Finally, Ninja Bounce by JellyOasis is also quickly rising in popularity in the Ninja Game genre. This game was designed with Ancient Oriental Art and 3D Environments that offer the Player an alternative to most of the more modern Ninja Games of today. In this game, you must accurately and precisely time your jumps to each approaching pad while running from a wall of fire. Unlike other games of this genre, Ninja Bounce ingeniously incorporates three different types of game play to develop the player’s skills: rhythm-based, timing and reflex gaming.

Zombie games and Ninja games are both enjoying great success with regard to iPhone hits. However, Game developers have much more to work with in a Ninja, when it comes to skills and special abilities. In most Zombie games, the only thing players do is shoot them.
Pricing and Availability: Fruit Ninja is $0.99 and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category.
Update* Fruit Ninja is also available for $0.99 through Amazon Digital Services for Apps for Android.

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