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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Is It Possible To Deliver A Baby And Not Know You're Pregnant?

Recently, my boss at work was telling a few of us co-workers about an incident that happened to some friends of her family. Supposedly, the friend's daughter who was a senior in high school had delivered a two week premature baby into the toilet much to her shock and dismay. The young girl was shocked because she was unaware that she was pregnant.
Before I go on, mother and child are fine at last report. Well, I'm standing there listening to this story thinking, "Yeah, whatever...” when my boss looks around at all of our expressions and starts swearing that the story is true.

Apparently everyone standing there listening to her must have had a "yeah, whatever..." look on their face. But get this, the reason the girl went into labor two weeks early was because she played basketball the night before for her school team! –O-k-k-a-a-y.
How can anyone be that out of tune with their body? At this point, I'm not sure I'm even listening to the story anymore, because questions were running across my mind like, "Did she think that she suddenly was suffering from clinically and viciously large amounts of gas rather than realizing that she had something alive in her that was moving?" or "Did she think that she simply had consumed too many Little Debbie's to account for the protruding belly?"

I mean come on, you have to bend over to tie basketball shoes, and surely she noticed something in the way during these attempts! When I was nine months pregnant I couldn't even see my shoes, never mind reach down and tie them. And play basketball for a whole evening? Not happening!

Most pregnant women at this stage do well to make it from one chair to the next. So, anyway as the story goes, the girl comes home from school and starts cramping, (I should think so!) and she thinks she has to go potty and apparently after sitting a bit, she begins to cry out to her mother in pain... and not from hemorrhoids.
When the mother enters the bathroom she can see the baby's head dangling in the water below. Oh...My....God!!! Well, the story ends okay, the mother is sharp enough to call 911 and off they go to the hospital to shock the heck out of the emergency room staff.
It is just so hard to believe that anyone could be so unaware of what is going on with their body to allow something like this to happen. So...I'm really bad, I know... but I can't help but wonder... if she was aware...when she know....(making the baby)?

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