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Friday, May 1, 2009

SEO and Strategic Marketing

Remember when having a website presence meant instant success? That was before there were 5 million websites just like yours.

How can you be found online? And, just as important, how can you keep visitors on your site for more than 7 seconds? Read on.

Marketing has changed a lot over the years. What worked back in the 70's, does not work today. Remember when it was common to pound a slogan into potential customer's heads by continued repetition?

It was called Branding. Well, actually, there are certain aspects of this strategy that are still necessary. Name recognition is still important. But, methods of getting attention have changed by necessity.

This is because the average person is sick to death of advertising. Fed up to their noses with advertising. So, marketing has had to take on a more subtle approach and at the same time a more outrageous approach. This is because every person has a few basic intellectual needs. One of them is to feel loved and the other is to overcome their boredom. So, in making them feel loved and appreciated, website content needs to appeal to this need.

Expressions of warmth are important, especially on the home page. Something in the text should build rapport immediately. Invitations that are engaging help to personalize the message as well as relax and soothe the website guest. Humor helps meet the need of overcoming boredom. Crazy, outlandish humor is becoming more and more popular. Basically, website guests wish to be entertained or they will "bounce" off your website to one that is more entertaining.

The challenge for the website content writer is to create warmth and humor even in the most technical of materials. This involves learning everything there is to know about that website owner's business. It involves researching and studying that field until the writer knows the business almost as well as the owner does. Then, and only then, can they write about it using the above strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes skill when it comes to writing website content. Search engine crawlers know the difference between text that is smooth flowing and easily readable with properly placed keywords and pages that are overstuffed with keywords in paragraphs that are incoherent and rambling. Crawlers also like rich content in the form of helpful articles regarding the website's topic. Appropriate images also boost SEO ratings.

Another reason that articles are beneficial is because a large number of internet surfers are simply looking for information, and not products. If you were to study Google Trends on a regular basis, you would see that most of the searches involve internet users looking for information on a certain movie or sports celebrity. Sometimes, these searches are about information on a breaking news item or a popular trend or fad.

Say, for example, that your website sells coffee. How could you use articles to pull traffic from the search engines? Well, you might consider placing an article on your website that talks about the beneficial affects of caffeine, maybe even mentioning a couple of celebrities in the recent news that swear by it (only of course, if its true). This will take diligence in keeping up with the recent trends in internet searches.

Or if your website sells financial services, keeping up to date with the fluctuation in the economy and posting articles regarding these changes will bring visitors to your site to learn and possibly buy. Placing these articles on other websites like Ezine Articles websites, with a link back to your site is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your website.

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