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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fighting Isn't Funny...Or Is It?

Why do some people think that they are invisible to other drivers when they are in their vehicle? Even before the invention of tinted glass, when you really are invisible, people seemed to think that no one could see you in your car. For example, people that argue while driving will carry on a fight like no one else is around for miles. I have even seen some couples start swinging at each other while driving down a busy street. 

One couple that I happened to be behind were fighting so bad, that the woman on the passenger side opened her door at her first opportunity, jumped out of the truck in an obvious huff and stomped away along the shoulder of the road. I found myself gasping and talking out loud, although no one else was in my car. "Oh my goodness! Look at that! What does she think she is doing?" and so on. 

The vehicle then slows down alongside her and I can see the man leaning across the front seat in a lousy attempt to coax her back into the car. Because she refuses to cooperate, he starts yelling again and pointing his finger at her, as she gives him a "talk to the hand" gesture. At this point, I am wondering whether or not I should stick around to watch this episode of Jerry Springer or try to pass them somehow. 

I decide that I have an agenda for the day, so I am looking for a way to get around their vehicle. All at once, the man decides that their relationship counseling sessions have been futile and he peels out, leaving almost all of the rubber from his tire on the road. Within seconds, he is no longer visible and I can't decide whether or not to slow down and offer her a ride or speed up and see if he hits a tree. 

Because I am a coward, I do neither. I mind my own business and gradually pick up a little speed to get to where I am going. Where am I going? Oh yeah, I am going to Wal-Mart. Along the way I wondered if anyone ever saw me argue with my husband or any of my teenagers. 

Of course, what some people consider arguing and what others consider arguing might be two totally different things. Sometimes I felt like I was arguing when not a word was being spoken at all. I guess that wouldn't be too disturbing to watch. I probably wouldn't be invited to a Jerry Springer show.

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