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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hilarious Haircut

My grandson needed a haircut and it seemed to me that his mother was procrastinating. So, I dug out my favorite scissors and then I tapped him on the shoulder.
"Hey, you want me to give you a haircut?" He looked at me with a slight frown and then switched to a confused look. "Uh, I guess so," was his reply.
He followed me into the bathroom, scratching his head and on the way he muttered softly, "You've done this before, right, Nana?" I smiled at him as I set the trash can in the sink and then I raised my scissors like an orchestra conductor.
"Of course… don't you remember that haircut I gave Aunt Wendi's husband?" He looked up at me while I fingered his blonde locks, waiting for just the right moment to start cutting away, "Yeah... he didn't look so bad. Okay, go ahead."

For some reason, I felt pretty confident and I started snipping away like I had skills or something. I lowered his head and straightened his shoulders from time to time and then I snipped some more. As he turned to face the mirror, his eyes widened. "Nana! You made a Z in my head!" He leaned forward to inspect a little bald spot. "A what?" I leaned in to inspect also. "Right there! That's a Z!"
He grabbed his face in horror and growled at himself in the mirror. Oh no! I got a little nervous at this point and so I tried to correct the error by attempting to even out the gash. "Nana! Now it looks like a lightning bolt!!" He lets out a painful laugh and looked up at me with pleading eyes. "Don't worry, I can fix it."

I started snipping now a little more desperately, while I was secretly wondering what the heck I was thinking when I picked up these blasted scissors. It's a good thing that he is such a good sport, because instead of being angry at me, he started laughing hysterically. "There. ...that's better," I said as I finished trying to hide any evidence that he had ever had any hair to begin with.
He started laughing even harder and he grabbed his head and screamed, "I thought you said you had done this before!" I know I shouldn't have started laughing, but his reaction was so funny that I couldn't stop myself from cracking up to the point of tears. I managed to say, "It'," as we were letting out loud bellows of laughter while staring at his reflection in the mirror. "Not so bad?!" he blurted out. "I look like Pinocchio in the shower!"


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