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Friday, August 1, 2008

Yard Sale Madness

Some of the funniest people seem to be regular patrons at my yard sales. I've had several yard sales myself and I have sat in on a couple of yard sales that my mother used to organize and I have helped my daughters with their yard sales.

I guess it's the entrepreneur spirit that's ingrained in my DNA, but I enjoy the art of selling and putting out merchandise. But I am also inherently a people watcher and I get the biggest kick out of people. 

There is this one guy that religiously goes to every yard sale in the entire neighborhood every weekend and he pretends to show interest in some of the merchandise. Then he'll start a conversation with us and eventually he gets around to telling us about his handyman business and he'll begin trying to generate some business from us and even from amongst our customers. 

Then there's the guy who comes with his wife and always asks if we have any tools and when we don't have much selection, he will start telling us jokes and doing magic tricks. There’s  also the women with fifty kids that pick up every piece of glass on the property. And, there's the people that try to get us to come down from 25 cents to a dime. 

Oh and I love those people that drive by real slow staring at the place, but never stop. I wonder if it's because they have been to 438 sales that day and just don't have the energy to get out of the car one more time or if it's because they have been to 438 sales that day and they have it down to a science as to whether or not they need to stop. 

I know I've watched too many movies or seen too many news reports about drive by shootings, but when someone drives past my house slowly while staring at me, I have to fight the inclination to duck under my lawn chair for cover. 

One of the funniest comments came out of my mother's mouth. A woman approached the carport and scanned the items quickly and as she turned to leave, she said over her shoulder, "Same old stuff." My mother's quick reply was, "Same old customers." 

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